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Collision between car and truck

Gathering and Preserving Evidence After a Truck Accident

If you’ve been involved in any kind of truck accident, you know how frustrating—and overwhelming—the experience can be. Fortunately, New Jersey personal injury laws allow truck accident victims to seek damages by filing a claim or lawsuit. In order to prove fault and establish liability in your claim

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Motorcycle Crashed at Road with its Helmet

Motorcycle Laws in New Jersey

In New Jersey, there are various state and local laws designed to ensure the safe operation of motorcycles and safety of motorcyclists. A rider who violates any of these laws and causes an accident may be held responsible for the victim's injuries and damages.

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Man with Injured leg after an accident

Do’s and Don’ts After an Injury

You have probably learned by now that there is a right way and a wrong way to do just about anything in life. Often, doing something the right way takes an investment, but it pays off in the end. Take shortcuts, and you usually just end up lost.

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Close up of man filling in medical insurance form

Pre-Existing Medical Conditions Effect on an Injury Claim

When injuries occur because someone else was negligent, you can hold the liable party responsible for your losses and damages, including medical bills. But, some personal injury claims are not that simple.

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Personal Injury Lawyer Handshaking with His Client

How Do You Know When to Contact a Personal Injury Law Firm?

Getting hurt in an accident can be unsettling and overwhelming. In New Jersey, personal injury and accident victims may be entitled to pursue financial compensation by filing a claim, regardless of the at-fault party.

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Types of Burn Injuries and Their Consequences

Whether you have suffered burn injuries in a workplace accident, car crash or other circumstance, these

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Should I Get a Lawyer for A Car Accident that Was My Fault?

If you were involved in a car accident and you were clearly at fault, it is important to know what you should

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Why You Might Be Denied Workers’ Compensation

When you’ve been injured on the job, your employer has a legal obligation to pay your medical bills, a percentage

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Reckless Driving or Manufacturer Fault? Rollover Motor Vehicle Accidents Explained

Although auto manufacturer designs are more stable than ever, rollover accidents still cause hundreds

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Can You Recover Compensation if Injured at Work by Another Employee?

When you’re injured at work by another employee, determining liability can be complex. At The Law Offices

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