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Our former attorney is an experienced and knowledgeable mediation and arbitration lawyer who has handled and settled numerous cases throughout New Jersey. He has covered cases involving family law, negligence, contract disputes, corporate disputes, legal and medical malpractice, wrongful death, and consumer fraud with a 95% settlement success rate.

Full Service Civil and Family Mediations; Discovery Master for Complex Litigation.

New Jersey State and Federal District Court Mediator and Arbitrator. Also serves as discovery master in complex cases involving multiple attorneys, as well as being retained to allocate damages involving multiple parties and limited available insurance monies.

Certified by the New Jersey Supreme Court as both Civil and Criminal Trial lawyer.

Divorce Does Not Have to Be Emotional

Divorce does not have to be emotional, expensive, or time consuming- if mediated by an experienced retired divorce judge, who will compassionately listen to both sides.

Having negotiated and granted hundreds of divorces, this retired judge is able to quickly negotiate all marital issues including custody, visitation, child support, alimony, pensions, vehicles, bank accounts, credit cards, marital home, investment properties, businesses, and person properties. The Judge will also prepare legal property settlement agreements.

And the best part is mediation can solve all issues within weeks instead of years, and it is conducted in the calm setting of an office as opposed to the stressful world of a court room.

As Judge of The Superior Court of NJ, 1992-2009, Serving in Civil Division, Criminal Division, and Family Division:

Tried and settled every type of civil case including employment and corporate disputes, breach of contract, misconduct in office, negligence (auto, fall downs), law against discrimination (hostile work environment, age discrimination, gender discrimination, race discrimination, failure to accommodate physical condition), eminent domain, legal and medical malpractice, common law and consumer fraud, products liability, fire accidents, real estate and title disputes, portee claims, frivolous lawsuit claims, civil assault and battery, civil conspiracy, malicious prosecution, false arrest, malicious prosecution, defamation, commercial and construction litigation, shield law claims, invasion of privacy and slap (strategic lawsuit against public participation) cases.

In the Family Division, handled and settled numerous cases involving alimony, child support, custody and visitation, equitable distribution of real and personal property, pensions and passive income, out of state relocations, domestic violence.

As Mediator:

Handled every type of case including negligence (automobile, fall-downs), contract disputes, construction litigation, corporate disputes, legal and medical malpractice, wrongful death, wrongful life, wrongful birth, consumer fraud, products liability, construction site accident cases, Superstorm Sandy cases, employment disputes. Because settlement success rate is 95%, many attorneys return for subsequent mediations. Have been selected as mediator by both defense and plaintiff attorneys. Have been selected as defense arbitrator, plaintiff arbitrator, and a neutral arbitrator.

Mediates family cases with or without lawyers, including preparation of property settlement agreements and pre-nuptial agreements.

As Board-Certified Civil Trial Lawyer:

Tried to completion approximately 300-400 jury trials including every type of civil case including personal injury auto and fall down cases, products liability, medical malpractice, real estate disputes, contracts, construction site accidents, civil assault and battery, commercial and corporate litigation.

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As Board-Certified Criminal Trial Lawyer:

Tried to completion over 100 jury trials including drug cases, breaking and entering, assault and battery, rape, robbery, murder, and manslaughter.

As Lecturer:

Panelist November 1, 2018 Advanced Mediation Training, Middlesex County Bar Association. Panelist May 16, 2018 Hot Tips for Hot Litigators, Mediation Madness, New Jersey Bar Association Conference, Borgata Hotel, Atlantic City; Panelist June 6, 2018 violating domestic violence restraining order; lecturer at New Jersey Institute for continuing legal education and Hayden Proctor Inns of Court.

As Author:

While sitting as a Superior Court Judge, authored approximately 40 opinions, 20 of which have been published, covering criminal, civil, and family issues including binding arbitration, hostile work environment, under insured and uninsured insurance policy clauses, charitable immunity, newspaper privilege, domestic violence, uniform commercial code, duty to remedy icy conditions in parking lot, portee claims, class actions, oral restraining orders, consumer fraud, equitable distribution, domestic violence, Hart Balm Act, frivolous lawsuits, statute of limitations, personal injury protection (PIP) income continuation benefits, condominium assessments, Tort Claims Act, privacy rights, commercial property owner’s responsibility for removal of ice from premises, emotional distress and psychological parents.

As Contributing Editor for The New Jersey Law Journal:

Have written articles on civil, criminal, and family cases, including boardable PIP medical expenses, portee claims, admissibility of evidence, affidavit of merit, law against discrimination, in limine motions, remittitur, structured settlements, exculpatory clauses, expert witnesses, wrongful prolongation of life, equitable fraud, custodial parent’s right to relocate, equitable distribution, re-naming children post-divorce, child support, domestic violence restraining orders, New Jersey Parenting Act, adult adoptions, and juvenile Megan’s Law offenders.


  • 2009 Honoree of Marie Frangella Foundation for Colon Cancer Research

  • 2010 Honoree of Muscular Dystrophy, Visions of Hope Award


  • 1966-1969 Seton Hall Law School, J.D. editor, Law Review

  • 1962-1966 Columbia University, B.A. liberal arts