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Municipal Court Defense Attorneys in Morristown, New Jersey

While indictable crimes, also known as felonies, are the purview of the New Jersey Superior Court, a vast majority of offenses and violations end up in the Municipal Court system. However, this does not mean the cases heard by the Municipal Court do not carry potentially serious consequences for those who are convicted, so you it is important to hire an attorney with experience in Municipal Court defense. At The Law Offices of Gold, Albanese, Barletti LLC, we are well-versed in the ins and outs of the New Jersey municipal court system, what the prosecution needs to prove and how to minimize the penalties you will face.

What Cases Require a Municipal Court Defense?

As mentioned earlier, most cases in New Jersey end up in Municipal Court. Even indictable offenses often begin in the local court system before a decision is made whether to keep the case in the lower courts by downgrading the offense or to move them onto the Superior Court. This includes a wide range of matters including:

Regardless of what municipal violation or offense you have been accused of committing, we are here to answer all your questions and get you a favorable outcome.

Will I Have to Go to Court?

Many fines, traffic tickets, and local ordinance violations are minor enough that you can resolve them online and will never require a visit to a courtroom. However, if criminal charges have been brought against you or your traffic ticket says you need to appear in court, then there is no avoiding an appearance before a judge. You are entitled to having an attorney present during any court appearances and it is highly recommended you take advantage of this to make sure your rights are protected and your case is not mishandled.

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What Types of Penalties Will I Be Facing?

With the wide variety of municipal violations, the penalties you could be facing with also vary greatly. These consequences can be quite serious and include the following:

  • Time in the county jail

  • Costly fines and surcharges

  • Suspension of driver’s license

  • Points on your license

  • Insurance points and increases in insurance premiums

  • Community service

Also note that local ordinance violations generally come with fines but no jail time and won’t cause you to gain a criminal record. Disorderly persons offenses do come with a criminal record if convicted. We will do everything in our power to keep your record clean.