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Wrong Site Procedures Attorneys in Morristown, New Jersey

It is certainly understandable if you are shocked, angry or bewildered after suffering the harmful effects of a wrong-site medical procedure or surgery. In medical circles, wrong-site surgery is one of those “never events” that stubbornly occurs from time to time. You are no doubt feeling the financial impact of wrong-site surgery, along with pain and suffering. Contacting a medical malpractice attorney is an important first step in righting this wrong.

How could your surgeon have operated on the wrong breast, arm, lung, kidney or testicle? How could your physician have treated the wrong side of your skull, back or neck? What recourse do you now have? Our law firm helps people injured through medical malpractice to explore the answer to this last question — and get relief.

The Law Offices of Gold, Albanese, Barletti LLC has a great deal of experience determining the value of cases and translating dollar values into compelling arguments for a jury. Not all of our medical malpractice cases go to trial. Many are settled out of court. However, we prepare every case as if for trial. This strategy helps win the greatest recoveries for our clients.

The results of wrong-site surgery range from inconvenience to catastrophe and even death:

  • The consequences of a wrong-site surgery may be fatal.

  • You may require expensive repeat surgery costing tens of thousands of dollars.

  • You may require repeat medical procedures, with more time off work and other related expenses.

  • Your injuries may be impossible to remedy — such as if a surgeon removed a healthy kidney or breast.

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Did Your Surgical Team Ignore the Well-Accepted Universal Protocol for Surgery?

We are interested in hearing your story about your wrong-site medical procedure or surgery and how it has affected you and your family. In most such cases, liability is clear-cut. No jury is likely to argue against the fact that your doctor or other responsible party committed wrongdoing. It may be a case of hospital malpractice if a team of health care providers failed to observe the normal pre-surgical verification process. However, you may have to fight to get proper medical malpractice damages after a surgeon has operated on the wrong knee or you have been subjected to any wrong-site medical procedure or surgery.