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Drug Offenses Defense Attorneys in Morristown, New Jersey

When faced with a drug crime, it’s important to seek out an experienced lawyer with a proven track record for success. At The Law Offices of Gold, Albanese, Barletti LLC, our skilled attorneys have effectively defended hundreds of cases related to drug crimes, ranging from misdemeanors to felonies. Serving the citizens of New Jersey, including the areas of Morristown, our dedicated and well-practiced team will work together to ensure your rights and freedoms are upheld throughout the criminal process. If you or a loved one has been arrested or charged with a drug crime, don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated team of criminal defense lawyers to begin building your case.

New Jersey Drug Defense Attorneys Fighting for Your Rights

Possession of illegal drugs or committing drug-related offenses can lead to life-altering consequences, turning your future prospects on their heels. You need a dedicated team of defense attorneys who will do everything in their power to encourage a favorable result. The lawyers at The Law Offices of Gold, Albanese, Barletti LLC have defended countless drug crime cases, getting charges dismissed, negotiating lower penalties, and laying the groundwork to attain a not-guilty verdict at trial. From acquittals to other positive outcomes, our skilled attorneys are well-equipped to handle the following drug charges:

  • Possession of marijuana or drug paraphernalia

  • Possession of cocaine, crack, meth, heroin, and other controlled substances

  • Illegal possession of prescription narcotics, such as OxyContin, Percocet, and codeine

  • Possession with intent to sell

  • Drug trafficking, cultivation, or manufacturing

  • Drug-related offenses, such as gun crimes, robbery, and assault

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Whether you are suspected of drug crimes or were seemingly caught in the act, our attorneys may be able to get your charges dismissed based on unlawful conduct. Perhaps the arresting officer did not read you your rights, or maybe the police did not have your permission to search your vehicle, home or person. If there’s a flaw in the prosecution’s case, the team at The Law Offices of Gold, Albanese, Barletti LLC will pursue it, possibly leading to the dismissal of drug charges against you. Even if your case seems hopeless, do not despair – our qualified attorneys may be able to reduce the consequences.