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Retail Accidents Attorneys in Morristown, New Jersey

The Law Offices of Gold, Albanese, Barletti LLC is a trusted resource for people injured in retail accidents in New Jersey. Our attorneys have represented both plaintiffs and defendants in retail accident cases. We are knowledgeable about insurance defense as well as premises liability claims and lawsuits. With an in-depth understanding of both sides of the fence in a premises liability situation, we are well-qualified to position our clients for favorable outcomes.

We know how retail stores normally operate. We are capable of demonstrating to a judge whether store management or maintenance personnel knew or should have known of the presence of hazardous conditions that injured someone.

The causes and origins of the hazards that lead to retail accidents vary:

  • In some cases, store employees or janitorial staffs create hazards.

  • In other cases, fellow shoppers create hazards, such as when a customer knocks over and spills a liquid substance such as mayonnaise packaged in a glass jar.

Surveillance videotapes are often available for analysis after a retail accident. It is important to obtain and review videotapes before they are taped over. This is one reason that you should talk to a premises liability lawyer promptly.

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