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Women with neck pain after accident

The Importance of Seeking Medical Attention After an Accident

The Law Offices of Gold, Albanese & Barletti, LLC May 13, 2024

Accidents, whether minor fender-benders or more serious collisions, can shake you to your core, leaving you feeling vulnerable and sometimes, surprisingly unscathed. It is in these moments of relief that many make the critical mistake of foregoing medical attention, convinced their lack of immediate pain equates to a clean bill of health. Don’t make that mistake. 

At The Law Offices of Gold, Albanese & Barletti, LLC, we have seen firsthand the long-term consequences this decision can present.  

Our collective experience over the last 30 years, from defense litigation to municipal court judgments, has taught us that seeking medical attention post-accident is vital. 

Here’s why: 

Concern #1 Your Health Is Important

The adrenaline rush following an accident can hide pain signals, rendering injuries less noticeable. Adrenaline, a powerful hormone, acts as a temporary painkiller, which might lead you to underestimate the severity of your condition. The body's natural response to trauma can be deceptive.  

Moreover, some injuries, especially those related to the brain or internal organs, concussions, or spinal injuries can have delayed symptoms that, if left unchecked, could result in significant health issues down the line. 

Our advice, rooted in years of legal experience and genuine care for our clients' health, is to always prioritize your well-being. Immediate medical attention can reveal unseen injuries, it is necessary to get the requisite treatment and prevent lasting health problems.  

Therefore, consulting with healthcare professionals after an accident is not just advisable; it's critical for your future health and recovery. This proactive approach ensures that all potential injuries are diagnosed and treated early, offering the best chance for a full recovery. 

Concern #2 Personal Injury Laws Are Complicated

Failing to seek medical attention promptly can inadvertently weaken your legal position. For residents of New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts, it's important to be aware of the specific laws each state has regarding accidents and personal injury claims to avoid accidentally giving up your right to compensation for injuries from an accident. 

In New York, for example, the statute of limitations for filing a personal injury claim is three years from the date of the accident. However, New York follows a "no-fault" insurance system for car accidents, meaning that your vehicle insurance provider will pay your medical bills up to a certain limit regardless of who was at fault.  

In contrast, New Jersey operates under a modified comparative negligence rule, where the amount of compensation you're entitled to can be reduced by an amount that is equal to your percentage of fault in the accident. Furthermore, New Jersey allows accident victims to choose between a "limitation on lawsuit" option or "no limitation on lawsuit" option in their auto insurance policies, which affects their ability to sue for pain and suffering.  

Meanwhile, Massachusetts also follows a no-fault system, with a statute of limitations for personal injury claims set at three years. Residents of these states should seek competent legal counsel immediately following an accident not only to address immediate health concerns but also to navigate the complex legal system and protect their rights. 

Concern #3 Legal Protection and Documentation Is Essential

From a legal standpoint, visiting a healthcare professional immediately after an accident does more than safeguard your health—it protects your rights. Medical records serve as crucial evidence in personal injury cases, linking your injuries directly to the accident.  

At The Law Offices of Gold, Albanese & Barletti, LLC, we know how to assemble a compelling case. We use these documents to demonstrate both the extent of your injuries and the accident's impact on your life, a practice that significantly strengthens your claim. 

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