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Evan Scott Rosen, Esq. 
Attorney at Law


I graduated from the University of Maryland at College Park in 1985 and consistently was on the Dean's List.  Overall,  I graduated with a grade point average in excess of 3.6.

I Graduated from the University of Bridgeport School of Law in May, 1988.

Currently, I am a member of the bar of the State of New Jersey and the bar of the State of Pennsylvania.

In addition to working for several small defense practice firms, I have also been staff counsel for Liberty Mutual Insurance Company, A.I.G. and the Farmers Insurance Group.

 I have taken well over 1,000 depositions and I have sat through well over 1,000.00 arbitrations.  I have tried to verdict over 60 cases with a lot more success than failure.  I have tried over 30 cases without a jury.

Some time ago, in front of the Honorable Robert Feldman in Monmouth County, I tried the case of Taylor v. Toys R. Us.  This matter was a fall down in Toys R. Us when plaintiff tripped over a tow car in the aisle.  In addition to multiple herniated discs and a torn medical meniscus in one of her knees, plaintiff eventually had arthroscopic surgery.  She further alleged to have sustained $10,000.00 of lost wages. After the matter was tried for one week, the jury returned with a no cause verdict in favor of Toys R. Us.

Shortly after this case resolved, I tried a matter in Camden County in front of the Honorable Samuel Supnick.  In this case, plaintiff was walking down an aisle when she walked into an eight- foot ladder.  Prior to closing arguments, the judge strongly suggested that I resolve the matter for $2,500.00.  After speaking to claims, it was decided to take a verdict.  After deliberating for 25 minutes, the jury returned a no cause verdict in favor of Toys R. Us and against defendant.

While working for a small defense practice, I handled all of the firm's worker's compensation matters.  The last 100 cases that I resolved, 95 were resolved for less than the settlement authority, less than plaintiff's last demand and for less than the judge's recommendation.  In other words, the resolutions were for less money than were reserved by the company.  In fact, the most money that I resolved a worker's compensation matter was for the amount advocated by the worker's compensation judge.

I have done plaintiff's work as well.  In fact, the last plaintiff's matter that I prevailed on was in Middlesex County in front of Judge Reah.  After the judge charged the jury and the jury went to deliberate, Judge Reah complimented me on my trial presentation and further advised me that I was one of the better Middlesex County attorneys that he has seen.

In my private life, for well over 15 years, I have coached children in baseball, basketball and soccer.  The overriding message and theme that I have passed along to the children, was to play hard, do not try and hurt anyone, play fair, following the rules and be a good sport.  These are messages that I follow in my professional life.