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Speaking Up On Behalf Of Long-Term Care Residents

In many cases, nursing home abuse and neglect stem from the unwillingness of executives in the long-term care industry to put the welfare of human beings over their own financial profit. This can result in nursing homes and other care facilities operating short-staffed or staffed by unqualified and poorly trained personnel.

If you entrusted a family member to an assisted living facility or nursing home, and now you believe that trust was misplaced, turn to Gold, Albanese, Barletti & Locascio L.L.C. Serving clients throughout New Jersey, our Morristown attorneys will fight for justice and the fair compensation you and your loved one deserve.

We take pride in treating each client with dignity and respect while maintaining consistent communication with him or her about the status of the case. Many of our attorneys give clients their personal cellphone numbers to facilitate even better service and personal attention.

Warning Signs Of Nursing Home Negligence Or Abuse

Knowing the signs of potential neglect or abuse is critical to intervening in an appropriate and timely manner. Here are a few things to watch for in your loved one’s situation:

Physical Abuse

  • Bruises
  • Burns
  • Cuts
  • Broken bones
  • Other frequent and unexplained injuries

Behavioral Changes

  • Unusual anxiety
  • Fear of being alone
  • Abrupt personality changes
  • Crying spells
  • Specific complaints


  • Bed sores
  • Soiled linens
  • Falls
  • Over-medication
  • Dehydration
  • Poor hygiene

Sometimes the staff’s behavior can also be a warning sign. If nurses, aides or other staff members refuse to let you visit your loved one, never allow you to be alone with him or her, or make rude comments about him or her, take note.

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