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Getting the Fullest Possible Compensation in Your Workers’ Comp Case

Valdes March 10, 2023

In New Jersey, injured workers are eligible for employer-paid benefits for medical bills, a percentage of lost wages and other injury-related expenses. Workers’ comp claims are often complex, so seeking the counsel of an experienced attorney to assist you with your workers’ compensation case is vital. The experienced attorneys at Gold, Albanese & Barletti, LLC, have handled all types of workers’ compensation cases for more than 30 years. We will fight for your rights and work to ensure you receive maximum compensation to secure your financial future.

Workers’ Compensation Settlements

If you’ve sustained a workplace injury, your employer or its insurance company will likely make a settlement offer to you at some point in your workers’ compensation case. Employers and insurance companies often try to pressure workers into accepting a settlement before they reach MMI (maximum medical improvement). MMI is the stage in your treatment where your doctor has found that your condition is not likely to improve with further treatment. It’s important to consider the following questions before you accept any settlement to ensure you receive full compensation:

  • Will you be able to return to work?

  • If you have injured a body part, will you have full use of it again?

  • Will you need future medical care?

It’s impossible to accurately estimate the value of your case until you know the full impact of your injuries. It can be a grave mistake to accept a workers’ comp settlement without seeking legal advice. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney will help you sort out these questions and get a feel for whether a settlement offer is fair. If it isn’t, your attorney will negotiate on your behalf to reach an agreement that is more beneficial to you.

Temporary Disability Benefits

If you settle your workers’ compensation case before reaching MMI, you may also be cutting your temporary disability benefits short. Without the assistance of an attorney, you may not know whether the value of those benefits is included in the settlement offer.

How Much Should You Settle For?

Each workers’ compensation case is different. There are several factors that nee d to be considered when assessing a settlement offer, including unpaid past and future medical bills, how much you may be owed in permanent disability benefits, any temporary disability payments that the insurance company did not pay, and any penalties that they may owe you for not paying your benefits on time.

New Jersey workers’ comp claims can be settled in different ways, each of which comes with different rights and requirements. Getting the fullest possible compensation in workers’ compensation settlements requires a great deal of legal knowledge and skill—an experienced attorney will know how determine the appropriate monetary value, negotiate with the insurance company, complete and review forms and make sure you comply with deadlines and state laws.

If you need help with your workers’ compensation case, the attorneys at Gold, Albanese & Barletti, LLC, will protect your rights and work to ensure you receive the fullest possible compensation for your workplace injury. Contact us online or call to schedule a free consultation.

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