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New Jersey Motor Vehicle Accident Attorneys

Valdes March 11, 2023

Driving on the road with tractor-trailers and other large vehicles can be nerve wracking. Due to their substantial weight and large size, trucks can cause serious injuries and fatalities when they are involved in accidents with smaller vehicles. There are a few things to keep in mind when driving near big trucks. Staying aware and knowing how to share the road can help you safely arrive at your destination.

Keep a safe distance. Avoid tailgating or cutting in front of large vehicles. Tractor-trailers, box trucks, buses and other large vehicles require significantly longer stopping times and distances than smaller vehicles.

Avoid driving in a truck’s blind spot. A blind spot is an area that is not visible by a driver when he or she looks in side or rearview mirrors. Most trucks have large blind spots on the sides and directly in front of and behind them. Spend minimal time in these areas when you are driving near or passing a truck.

When you are following a truck and can’t see its side mirrors, the driver most likely can’t see you. In addition, if a truck is behind you and you can’t see its mirrors reflected in your own, the driver is probably unable to see you. If a truck is trying to pass you, slow down slightly to make it easier for the truck to go around you.

Do not pass trucks that are turning. “This vehicle makes wide turns” is on the back of most large vehicles because they do make much wider turns than smaller vehicles. When making a wide right turn, a truck driver may not be able to see cars directly behind or beside them. Attempting to pass on the left or cutting to the right of a turning truck can cause an accident.

Obey road signs and traffic laws. You should always practice safe driving habits when you’re behind the wheel. Pay attention to posted speed limits, slow down in inclement weather, keep a safe distance and pass on the left. Avoid aggressive or distracted driving and running red lights. Driving carefully, consistently, and predictably makes it much easier to stay safe on the road.

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