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Most Likely Jobs for Workplace Injuries

Valdes March 11, 2023

When you are injured at work, your employer has a legal obligation to pay for your medical expenses, a portion of lost wages and other damages. Accidents happen and workers can get hurt at any job, but there are a few professions that pose a higher risk for workplace injuries, including:

  1. Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities – Those who care for our aging and disabled are often paid very little and are at serious risk from injuries due to strains and sprains from lifting patients, slip and falls and repeated lifting, bending or twisting.

  2. Logging – Loggers work with heavy and dangerous machinery and tools, in inclement weather and sometimes at great heights. They are at a higher risk for falling, being hurt by tools or machinery and having trees fall on them.

  3. Aeronautics – Whether an accident is due to equipment failure, inclement weather or human error, working with aircraft is a dangerous job.

  4. Agriculture – Workers in the agricultural industry work with animals that can quickly and easily cause injury. Those who work on farms and ranches also use many different types of heavy equipment.

  5. Mining – Miners work in difficult and dangerous conditions and use complicated machinery that can be deadly if it malfunctions.

  6. Construction – Roofers are the most at-risk workers in the construction industry, although any worker can fall from a height or be injured by heavy machinery or other equipment.

  7. Commercial Vehicle Driving and Delivery – A job that involves a lot of driving is hazardous because of the potential for motor vehicle accidents. Drivers operating very large vehicles such as tractor-trailers face an even higher risk of injury.

  8. Machine Repair – Those who work with complex and hazardous machines that are already defective or malfunctioning are at risk for serious injury.

  9. Law Enforcement – Because of the nature of the profession, police officers can be injured or killed in the blink of an eye. Depending on the circumstances, something as simple as a traffic stop can become dangerous very quickly. Responding to distress calls, assaults and domestic violence situations often put police officers in very precarious situations that can easily lead to serious injury or death.

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