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First Steps to Take when You’re Injured on The Job

Valdes March 12, 2023

If you have sustained an illness or injury while performing tasks at work, there are steps you can take to protect yourself.

First Aid & Medical Treatment

Your health and safety should be your first priority. Obtain first aid and other medical treatment as soon as you are injured on the job. If you need further medical treatment, inform your employer as soon as possible. Make sure to give your employer copies of all receipts, invoices, and bills that you receive for medical treatment and anything else related to your injury. Keep the originals in a safe place.

According to New Jersey Workers’ Compensation law, your employer has the right to select the health care professionals that will provide your care. If your employer fails to provide the necessary care to cure and relieve the effect of your injury or restore function where possible, you may take action by filing a Motion for Medical and/or Temporary Disability Benefits.

Inform Your Supervisor

Inform your supervisor as soon as you are injured on the job. If you have sustained a serious injury and are unable to speak with your supervisor, it is essential to do so as soon as you can. It is also a good idea to document your injury with the Human Resources department. You do not need to provide notice in writing, but should report your injury to your employer within 90 days.

Know Your Rights Before You File a Claim

The ins and outs of workers’ compensation law can be difficult to navigate without help. Do some research and learn about your rights as an injured worker. Your employer’s insurer may send an investigator to take a recorded or written statement from you. Do not make any statements without speaking to your attorney.

If you dispute your employer’s determination of entitlement to benefits, you can file either a formal Claim Petition or an Application for an Informal Hearing with the New Jersey Division of Workers’ Compensation. If you’re filing a formal claim petition, it must be submitted within two years of the date of injury or the date of last payment of compensation, whichever is later.

If you are suffering from an occupational illness such as asbestosis, a formal claim must be filed within two years from the date you first discovered the condition and its relationship to your job. Seeking the counsel of an qualified workers’ compensation attorney can help to ensure that your claim is filed in a timely and accurate manner.

Return to Work

Follow your doctor’s instructions for a speedy recovery and do your best to return to work as soon as possible. If you are still injured, do not return to work until your doctor has released you to do so.

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