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When Your Employer Provides Improper Workplace Safety Training

Valdes March 12, 2023

Accidents happen, but untrained or improperly trained employees are a hazard to themselves and others. Our seasoned legal team at Gold, Albanese & Barletti LLC has seen many cases in which injuries could have been prevented if an employer had provided proper workplace safety training.

How Improper Safety Training Impacts Workers

The importance of safety training cannot be understated. It is easy to label workers negligent or irresponsible if they hurt themselves or someone else on the job, but when workers are not properly trained or provided adequate protocols to follow, there is an increased risk of injury. When it comes to safety training, there are a few different factors that can increase the risk of workplace accidents, including:

Employees who are not trained for their positions—On-the-job training is an invaluable educational tool, but employers often fail to train new employees properly before leaving them to their own devices. This approach can be dangerous to the employee and his or her coworkers.

Employees are not given detailed procedures or protocols to follow—In industries where machinery, heavy equipment and other potentially dangerous tools are used, improper safety training can be deadly. Appropriately educating and informing workers on ways to limit the risk of accidents and how to respond in emergencies greatly reduces the chances that workers will put themselves and others at risk, and can help workers avoid serious injury or even death. It is also essential to provide detailed information on mitigating risks that are specific to each job; such as educating employees on how to use protective gear, avoid electrocution, and prevent falls.

Failure to provide safe alternatives to improper work practices—Educating workers on safe alternatives to common improper work practices that often cause injury is vital. For example, advising workers on the best way to lift heavy objects, avoid eye strain, or how to properly handle dangerous chemicals can keep them and those around them safer.

Keeping Employers Accountable for Proper Workplace Safety Training

When a workplace injury occurs, both the victim and employer are often quick to point fingers. Safety training should be an ongoing process so that employees are continually learning how to protect themselves and others. Regardless of the type of job, if a worker was never properly trained on best practices for safety, the employer may be liable for employees’ injuries.

If you’ve been injured due to improper workplace safety training, benefits you may be able to recover damages from your employer in addition to workers’ compensation. Contact our skilled attorneys at Gold, Albanese & Barletti, LLC, online or call for a free initial consultation. Se habla español.

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