Workers’ Compensation FAQ


I have been hurt on the job. What do I do?

You should notify your employer as soon as possible. The notice may be given to the foreman, supervisor, personnel office, or anyone in authority at the employer’s place of business. Notice does not have to be in writing.

If you are in need of medical treatment, a request should be made to the employer as soon as possible. Please note that under the NJ workers’ compensation law, the employer and/or their insurance carrier can select the health care provider(s) to treat injured workers for work related injuries.

What kind of benefits am I entitled to receive?

When hurt at work your employer or its workers’ compensation insurance carrier pays for the necessary and reasonable medical treatment. If you are out of work for a period of more than seven days you will be eligible for temporary disability benefits in place of wages lost during the period of disability. This is paid at a rate of 70% of your average weekly wage, not to exceed the maximum rate or fall below the minimum rate set by statute in effect during the year of accident. These benefits are provided during the period when you are unable to work and under active medical care. A workers’ compensation attorney should also file a claim petition on your behalf documenting your work injuries. The filing of a claim petition may entitle you to permanent disability benefits.