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With proper medical care, a broken bone or fracture suffered in an accident will eventually heal. In the meantime, you may suffer pain and discomfort, experience a loss of mobility and may not be able to work. If the bone does not heal properly, you may need additional outpatient care or even surgery.

At Gold, Albanese, Barletti & Locascio L.L.C., we regularly handle cases involving all types of broken bones, including compound fractures. We work diligently to document these injuries and help our clients get medical care and compensation for all other economic and noneconomic losses.

If you have suffered a broken bone in a car accident, workplace accident, slip-and-fall accident or any other cause, we will seek maximum compensation for you.

Building Your Case, Element by Element

Unlike a soft tissue or psychological injury, an X-ray can easily document a broken bone. Nevertheless, we believe that it is not enough to take an X-ray for diagnostic purposes alone. We inquire of treating doctors as to the need for a series of X-rays, showing the progress or lack thereof of the bone’s fixation and healing. It is especially important to obtain this type of objective evidence in cases where surgery is used to repair a broken bone or fracture — preoperative photos, inter-operative photos and postoperative photos can conclusively indicate the nature of the break and whether it has properly healed.

We will also conduct a thorough investigation of the accident that caused your injury to establish the liability of the responsible party. Finally, our attorneys will make a full accounting of your losses for inclusion in your claim and seek the best possible settlement or jury award for you.

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To discuss an accident case involving broken or fractured bones, call 973-326-9099 or contact us online. Gold, Albanese, Barletti & Locascio L.L.C., has offices in Red Bank, Morristown, lower Manhattan and Boston to serve you.

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